Call For Sessions
Call For Sessions

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER - CONSTRUCT 2020 Call For Education Session Proposals

Event Dates: September 30 – October 2, 2020
Location: Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center, Grapevine, TX (Dallas/Fort Worth area)
Audience: Commercial Building Team - Architects, Designers, Specifiers, Project Managers, Contractors, Engineers, and Product Reps from across the United States
Deadline: Proposals will be accepted until January 8, 2020 (11:59 pm PT)

Now is your chance to turn what you’ve learned into a unique session that will build your reputation and improve the design and construction community.

Be a part of CONSTRUCT 2020, submit a proposal today! 

Here’s what our participants are looking for:

  • Topics:  We invite creative proposals on all subjects of interest to the commercial AEC team, including Building Science and Performance, Construction and Construction Administration, Materials, Methods and Best Practices, Design and Design Administration, Contract Documents/Construction Contract Administration, Specifications, Project Management, Technology and Emerging Trends in AEC, and Professional Development (sales, marketing, etc.). For inspiration, see our full list of 2019 session topics here.
  • New Content: Our participants are looking for quality content that they can’t get elsewhere (online, via a Lunch and Learn at their office, etc.) with real-world solutions that can be implemented immediately. Additionally, sessions must be educational in nature and not promote any specific company, branded product or business interest. Please note: No pre-approved AIA “Lunch and Learn” programs will be accepted. 
  • Unique Delivery Formats: Instead of the standard lecture, consider utilizing a combination of learning formats, such as case studies, panel discussions with audience participation, small group discussions/peer-to-peer learning, and hands-on activities. 
  • Advanced Level Content: A majority of our participants have 10+ years of experience in the industry and are seeking advanced level content. 
  • Skilled Speakers/Presenters/Facilitators who are subject matter experts, including building scientists, researchers, architects, specifiers, contractors, owners and code experts.  Sessions can
    also be made even more valuable when designed to include multiple speakers or panels with different points of view and varied backgrounds.

Here’s what you’ll need to provide when submitting a proposal:

Please note: The submission site will time-out due to inactivity and you cannot submit a partial proposal, so it is HIGHLY recommended that you save the following information in a word document BEFORE entering it into the submission site:

You may submit up to 3 proposals.

  1. Session Title (120 characters max) – Provide a title for your session.  For inspiration, see our 2019 session information, including titles, descriptions and learning objectives here
  2. Session Description (900 characters max) – Provide a description for your session.  Look at the session through the lens of your audience and provide a summary that describes what your session is about and what participants will gain from attending (articulate the value of the program to the learner). 
    If your session is selected, this description will be used to market your session. 
  3. 4 Learning Objectives (max 100 characters per outcome) – Provide 4 learning objectives/outcomes. They must be specific and measurable and describe what participants will be able to do after attending the session. Use measurable terms like “choose, select, adapt, formulate, improve, compare, demonstrate” and try to avoid terms such as “understand” and “learn”.
  4. AIA LU/HSW credit justification - if applicable (100 characters max):  If you think your session will be eligible for AIA (American Institute of Architects) HSW credit (Health/Safety/Welfare), please BRIEFLY describe how the course content addresses Health, Safety and Welfare topics.  (This information will be provided to the AIA reviewers, if the session is submitted for HSW learning units.) 
  5. Content Level: Please provide the content level for your proposed session.   
            A. Introductory – Session will be most beneficial to participants who have limited exposure to              the topic
            C. Intermediate – Session will be most beneficial to participants who have detailed knowledge              of the topic
            D. Advanced – Session will be most beneficial to participants with a mastery of the topic                                     i.    Important: Because advanced level content is very valuable to our participants,                             you must explain why you consider the content to be advanced. (This won’t be                             shared with participants, it is just for determination that the correct content                             level is being applied to the session).
  6. Length of Session: Your session may be assigned to a 60, 75, 90 or 120-minute time slot. 
    Please indicate which time slots are appropriate for your proposed session.  Please try to be flexible.
  7. Session Dates: Selected sessions will be scheduled on the day and time that best serves the
    education program overall. Speakers must notify us in advance if they are not available to present in any slot assigned on September 30 – October 2.  If you are unable to present your session on one of those dates, due to a conflict, please indicate this when submitting your proposal.
  8. Primary Audience: Select the appropriate primary audience for your session by completing this statement: “This session was designed for….”.  Your options are: specifier, architect/designer, contractor, owner, project manager, engineer and/or manufacturer/product rep.  You may select no more than 2 in this category.
  9. Secondary Audience: Select the appropriate secondary audience for your session by completing this statement: “This session will also be applicable to….”.  You may select up to 6 options in this category. 
  10. Session Format (300 characters max): Briefly explain how you will present the content and engage the audience (examples include: lecture with Q & A, case studies, small group exercises, peer-to-peer discussions, panel discussion w/ audience participation, hands-on activities, etc.) 
  11. Special Set-Up Requirements (optional, if any): Please indicate if you will have any special set-up requirements for your session (special seating arrangements, flip charts, WiFi needed for presentation, etc.).  Standard session rooms feature classroom or theater seating, projector, screen, and one microphone per confirmed speaker. Speaker must bring his/her own laptop. Meeting rooms at the Gaylord do not feature complimentary WiFi. 
  12. Primary Contact for All Proposals.  Who shall we contact with questions/comments about the proposal? Provide name, e-mail address and phone #. 
  13. Speakers:  Please note that there is a 4-speaker limit for each session (including the moderator, if any). Please provide the following information for each speaker/panelist associated with the session:

a. Name
b. Title
c. Company Name
d. Company Website 
e. Is the company exhibiting at CONSTRUCT 2020? (Yes or No)
f. Mailing Address
g. Cell Phone # - for our purposes, won’t be shared with anyone else
h. E-mail Address
i. Social Media Information – if any (Twitter handle, Facebook, LinkedIn)

14.  Biography: Please provide a biography for each speaker/panelist associated with the session.  The biography should be written in paragraph format (not bullet points) and should not exceed 1,800 characters.  This biography will be used to market the session, if selected.  (For biography examples, click here (and select “About the Presenter) or here.
15.  Alternate Topics: If your session is not selected, but you may be interested in presenting on other topics if requested by show management, provide your other topics/areas of expertise.
16.  Additional Compensation Required (if any) – All confirmed speakers will receive complimentary access to the exhibit hall and standard educational sessions.  If a speaker requires additional compensation (such as a travel stipend or hotel room), please list the requirements.  Please note that exhibitors are not eligible for compensation.
17. OPTIONAL Supporting Materials/Other Information – To be used only if a speaker wants to submit something additional to be shared with the council to help them make a decision about the session.

Continuing Education Units:

  • Most accepted sessions will be submitted by CONSTRUCT Show Management for CEUs (continuing
    education units) including AIA, ICC, GBCI, NARI and/or IIBEC.  If a session is approved for credit, the
    speaker will be notified and must adhere to the CEU guidelines. 

 The Review Process:

  • All proposals will be evaluated by our CONSTRUCT Education Advisory Council, with final decisions being made in conjunction with Show Management. 
  • Proposals will be scored based upon many factors, including but not limited to: topic relevance to the target audience, practical application to real-world scenarios, speaker/presenter experience/expertise, and learning format (with interactive formats being preferred over standard lecture type formats). 


  • January 8: Call for Education Session Proposals closes at 11:59 pm PT.
  • April 8: Notification of final acceptance.
  • August 3 - 31: If session is selected, handouts will be due. (These are digital files to be accessed by participants via the mobile app.)   
  • September 1 - 14: If session is selected, final slide presentations will be due.

Ready to Submit your Proposal?

Again, please remember that the submission site will time-out due to inactivity and you cannot submit a partial proposal, so you are strongly advised to save your proposal in a word document prior to entering it into the system.


For additional assistance, contact Jennifer Hughes, Sr. Education Manager at 972-536-6388 or