Interested in Exhibiting?

Meet one-on-one with commercial building professionals that spec and source billions of dollars in building products and services for their multiple projects.

CONSTRUCT with the CSI Annual Convention attracts thousands of architects and specifiers from all over the world, with billion-dollar spending power. Meet one on one with commercial building and construction professionals that spec and source building products into their plans and multiple projects for the government, healthcare, educational, office and commercial building industry segments. Those that design, build, specify, engineer, manage and renovate in the built environment come to find the latest products and solutions and services YOU offer. Find unparalleled exposure to your existing customers, an ideal forum to gather new qualified leads and the opportunity to build powerful, profitable relationships.

CONSTRUCT is the only dedicated national event specifically designed to provide the commercial building team real-world, practical product and education solutions they can implement immediately. 

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Exhibit at CONSTRUCT

Exhibit at CONSTRUCT

CONSTRUCT is your most cost-effective strategy for generating new leads, face-to-face networking, closing deals, expanding your market share and maximizing profits all year long. If your target market includes professionals in the construction industry, then exhibiting at CONSTRUCT is your best source to meet one-on-one with the key industry decision-makers.

Interested in exhibiting?  If you have additional questions before starting the process, please contract the Account Executive, Kenneth Lester, directly at or via phone: 972-536-6342.

Follow the instructions below for a step-by-step walk-thru of the system, or contact the CONSTRUCT sales team for further assistance.

Returning customers will enter their ecode for a faster experience. New exhibitors will select the "New Exhibitors" option.

The first page of the application captures the main exhibit booth details including your booth choices and booth contact information. The page displays the current exhibit space rate and an area to enter total square footage. The online application will also have a link that allows you to view the floor plan and enter your location selections.

As part of the application process, you will be able to view the Sponsorship Gallery within the online contract. You can either click through the entire gallery or search by sponsorship type. Your shopping cart (top right) will update as you select items to purchase.

Lastly, the form requires you to add a primary and invoice contact to your account. At this point, you will be able to view and print a list of Exhibit Terms & Conditions. If you would like to view the Terms and Conditions prior to starting the application, please download a copy.

The application is 99% complete! Submit your online Exhibit Application with your payment option for approval by Show Management.

Once your application has been submitted, you will receive an email* with an estimated invoice amount. Please note that your application is pending until you receive a confirmation email with a copy of your approved Exhibit Contract, Terms & Conditions and Request for Deposit (if applicable). *Invoices will be e-mailed to the primary contact on the application.


  • Credit Card: Now available through the online application: VISA, MasterCard or American Express.
  • Offline credit card: Download the credit card form.
  • Check: Company Check made payable to CONSTRUCT
  • Bank/Wire Transfer: Please contact Kenneth Lester at (972) 536-6342 for wire transfer information.

Overnight Delivery
6191 N. State Hwy. 161, Suite 500
Irving, TX Dallas, Texas 75038

Standard Mail Delivery
P.O. Box 612128
Dallas, Texas 75261-2128

Don't know your ecode or have other questions?  Contact Kenneth Lester at (972) 536-6342 to have your ecode emailed to your main booth contact. 

Booth Configurations

In-Line (Linear) Booth

Definition: booth at least one adjacent neighbor on either side of the booth.

Standard 10’x 10’ In-Line Booths will be set with 8’ high back drape and 4’ high side drape. Most commonly 10’ wide and 10’ deep. No exhibit display or signage may exceed 12’ high.  The max height of 12’ is permitted on the back 5’ section and a max height of 3’ is permitted on the front 5’ section.  No hanging signage from the ceiling is allowed in an In-Line Booth.  (Note: When three or more In-Line Booths are used as a single exhibit space, the 4’ height limitation is applied only to that portion of exhibit space which is within 10’ of an adjoining booth).

Perimeter In-line

Definition:  Exhibit booth that is located on the perimeter (against a permanent wall, etc.) of the exhibit floor.

All guidelines for in-line (linear) booths apply to perimeter booths except that the maximum height allowed on the back 5’ section is 12’.  No hanging signage from ceiling is allowed in a perimeter booth. Please reference drawing below for a diagram of the allowable configurations.


Definition:  Exhibit booth with an aisles on all sides and no adjacent neighbor.

Exhibitors are permitted to use the entire booth for display construction, signage and product, as long as no component exceeds 23’ in height. Please review regulations for multi-level or covered exhibits.

Hanging signs from the ceiling are permitted in island booths 400 sq ft+, but may not exceed 23’ in overall height.

All island booths with an unfinished backside are subject to review. Should Show Management deem the backside “unsightly” and/or if it does not conform to the overall quality of the show, Exhibitor may be required to drape it at Exhibitor’s expense.

Split Island

Definition: A Split Island Booth is a Peninsula Booth which shares a common backwall with another Peninsula Booth.  The entire cubic content of this booth may be used, up to the maximum allowable height of 23’, without any backwall line of sight restrictions.


Definition:  A Peninsula Booth is any size booth exposed to aisles on three sides and backs up to In-Line (Linear) booths.  Peninsula booths are most commonly 20’ wide by 20’ deep or larger.  Display, sidewalls and backwall will be permitted up to a maximum height of 23’; except in the 5’ section on each side of the backwall which has a 4’ maximum height for equipment, product, display material, signs, sidewall and backwall.  Please reference the diagram.  No signage is permitted on the backside of the backwall.

In-line with Canopy

Canopies, including ceilings, umbrellas and canopy frames, can be either decorative or functional (such as to shade computer monitors from ambient light or for hanging products).  Canopies for In-Line (Linear) or Perimeter Booths should comply with line of sight requirements (see In-Line (Linear) Booth). 
The base of the Canopy should not be lower than 7’ from the floor within 5’ of any aisle.  Canopy supports should be no wider than 3”.  Booth space that has 300 square feet or more of contiguous covered space require battery operated smoke detectors.  Booths that are more than one story require Fire Marshal approval at least 60 days prior to installation.

Special Notes:

  • Hanging Signs - Hanging signs will be permitted in the following booths: Island, Peninsula and Split Island Booths (minimum 400 square feet) and should comply with the allowable height for that booth type. Signs may be hung from the ceiling (where permitted), trusswork or equipment. Signs that will be hung from the ceiling or trusswork must be installed and dismantled by the Rigging Crew.
  • Unfinished Walls - Any unfinished walls are subject to review by Show Management. Should Show Management deem the backside of the booth “unsightly” and/or does not conform to the overall quality of the show, the exhibitor may be required to drape the backside of the booth at the exhibitor’s expense.