Market Your Show Presence

After you've secured your booth space for CONSTRUCT, you may be wondering what's next? Here's a list of easy-to-implement ideas to help spread the word about your participation in CONSTRUCT this year.

Some of these ideas may seem pretty basic, and many are quick, easy to implement and won't cost you a thing. By creating and following a trade show strategy prior to the show, you can generate tremendous ROI by securing a wealth of new business leads.


  • Participate in the Exhibitor Evite Program - This program is designed to help support your invitation of your customers and contacts to the show, while earning prize points good towards the following year's show.  Contact Melissa Marsden for details, or at (972) 536-6377.
  • E-blast – Send an e-blast to your customers and prospects that contain your booth number, floor plan link, products and services you will be showing, and/or any show specials or new product announcements.
  • Email signature – Add your booth number under your email signature with a link to the CONSTRUCT registration page.
  • E-blast contests – Send an email that contains an offer for a contest that awards the winners with various prizes – gift card, iPad, discount on your product, etc.
  • Brochure – Email a link to the show brochure to your customers and prospects.


  • Website page – Create a special page on your website dedicated to your participation in the show. Include where your booth is located on the floor plan, products and services you will be showing, any show specials or new product announcements you will be making at the show. If you are presenting a workshop, clinic or demo, include the title, date, time, description and benefits.


  • Event Guide Ad –  Purchase an ad in the Event Guide that promotes your booth.
  • Advertisement – Purchase an ad in a trade publication that promotes your booth and link to registration 


  • VIP invitation – Send a personal invitation to your customers and prospects about your booth. Keep it brief, but include your booth number and why it would benefit them to come see you.
  • Postcard – Create a postcard to mail to your customers and prospects about your booth.
  • Envelopes – Print or stamp a message about your booth on your company envelopes.
  • Invoices – Include booth number and information in communications you are already sending, such as invoices, to customers.


There are several benefits to social media marketing including: expanding your reach, creating a persona, offering promotions & deals, gathering user generated content and communicating with other businesses.

  • Facebook – Add numerous status updates on your company’s Facebook page promoting your booth. Engage your followers with info about your booth by posting on the CONSTRUCT Facebook page.
  • Twitter – Promote your booth by making numerous tweets on your company’s Twitter page using the #CONSTRUCT or #CONSTRUCT18 hashtags.
  • LinkedIn  Promote your booth by posting to  your LinkedIn page.
  • Blog – Start a blog for your company and write about exhibiting at the show


  • Press Release – Write a press release about exhibiting at the show and distribute to the industry media registered to attend CONSTRUCT.  List available upon request. Contact Amanda O'Connell at or at (972) 536-6418.
  • Press Conference – Introduce your company's products to the industry media in person by holding a press conference at the show; offer editors exclusive interviews with your company’s top executives. Contact Amanda O'Connell at or at (972) 536-6418.
  • Press Kit – Create an electronic press kit that includes company information, product photos, press releases or marketing collateral; upload to your website. Also, drop off hard copies of the press kit on-site at the CONSTRUCT Media Center at the conference.
  • Press Clips – Monitor the trade media to see if your company received any press coverage; if so, email the articles to your customers and prospects.    


  • Special Events – Generate on-site buzz by hosting a special event at the show. 


  • Hold Message – Mention exhibiting at the show and your booth number in your telephone on-hold message.
  • Phone calls – Call your best clients and prospects to personally invite them to the show and your booth.


  • Mobile - Drive traffic to your booth onsite through push notifications, rotating banner ads & more!
  • Online - Promote your brand on our show website & have the ability to showcase your brand outside of the CONSTRUCT show website on the Internet.
  • Email - Send out a custom HTML email a week before the show to your target audience or send to all registrants for CONSTRUCT.
  • Contact Melissa Marsden,, (972) 536-6377. 


  • Coupon – Provide attendees a coupon that can be turned in at your booth for a free gift/promotional giveaway. Consider providing a premium gift targeted to your best customers or best potential prospects.
  • Discounts – For those who attend the show, provide special show pricing that will not be available at your business the following week.
  • Lead Retrieval – Send all the attendees who stopped by your booth an email and a personal letter after the show to thank them for visiting your booth.
  • Photographer / Videographer – Oscar Einzig, the official photographer/videographer for the show, offers a variety of cost-effective imaging services that allows your company to obtain maximum exposure pre show, on site and post show. The result is a simple and effective way to extend the sales cycle long after the show has ended.  The services enhance your marketing and sales efforts by creating compelling images about your product or service resulting in more customers and additional revenue to your company. Products can be delivered on show site, or within days after the event which allow your post show marketing and sales efforts to start immediately, continuing the momentum generated at the show.   A custom imaging program that meets your marketing/sales objectives can also be provided.  Please refer to the order form in the Exhibitor Service Manual (ESM), and feel free to contact Oscar Enzig at (312) 922-0056.