6 Ways to Persuade Specifiers to Use Your Product

Susan Milne of Epiphany Studio, a marketing agency for architectural product companies, says manufacturers need a fresh approach toward specifiers if they hope to get you to pick their products.

Half of architecture graduates today are women, and women “speak the language of detail and nuance,” Milne says in a recent column written for a colleague’s weekly column for anufacturers. She adds that the ranks of specifiers now includes members of Generation Z—“experts at searching, novices in building,” who learn through storytelling. Milne regards specifiers as experts at design but not product performance, people who “live and die on benefits” but care much less about how a product achieves those benefits.

“Lunch-and-learns have to be compelling, email campaigns insightful and timely and trend reports well researched to cut through the clutter,” she says. “Marketing to specifiers has less to do with showcasing products and materials and more to do with helping them work efficiently, effectively and successfully.” Above all, specifiers aren’t looking for products but rather want to solve problems.

Milne suggests six steps that manufacturers can take to win more architectural specifications, starting with a recommendation that the manufacturer “go on a blind date” with the specifier. 

Read Milne’s six suggestions

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