Number of Projects Involving Mass Timber Double in Under Two Years

The number of mass timber projects in design, under construction, or completed has risen nearly 110% between September 2018 and June 2020, WoodWorks reports. And that pace could go even faster as jurisdictions give early approval to building codes permitting tall mass timber structures.

Here are the numbers for mass timber projects that WoodWorks has tracked over the past nine quarters: 

And the map above shows where those projects are located:

The type of products used includes cross-, nail- and dowel-laminated timber as well as heavy timber decking and post-and-beam  construction. The West Coast is most active, with 86 projects in California, 44 in Oregon and 56 in Washington. Further East, the most active states are Texas (52 projects), North Carolina (35), Massachusetts (34), and Florida (30).

Future growth in these numbers is likely to be propelled by local jurisdictions’ adoption of the 2021 International Building Code, which allow for taller and more diverse wood buildings to be constructed than most places permit today The American Wood Council notes that Utah in March joined Oregon, Washington state, and the city of Denver in permitting tall mass timber buildings. In addition, rule makings to allow tall mass timber are in progress in California, Montana, Virginia, and the city of Dubuque, IA. And Maine, Georgia, and the city of Dallas are showing interest, the American Wood Council says. See its map to the left.