Sika Introduces Hydrophilic Crystalline Permeability Admixture

With its introduction of WT-240 P, Sika now claims to be the only manufacturer to offer two technologies—hydrophilic crystalline and hydrophobic pore blocking—in its array of permeability reducing admixtures.

WT-240 P is a powdered, crystalline-based permeability reducing admixture for use in hydrostatic applications. Its moisture activated compounds produce insoluble crystalline deposits that form within the capillary system. These crystalline formulations have the ability to reduce the size of capillary pores and prevent water penetration, thus reducing the ability of concrete to conduct water flow. Permeability can be reduced by as much as 85%, the company says.

WT-240 P and Sika’s Watertight Concrete Powder, a hydrophobic pore blocking admixture, can be used together. Use of these integral admixtures can be cheaper than membrane waterproofing, take less time to apply, and ultimately can reduce construction costs, Sika says.

Sika also introduced SikaControl WT-240 P Red. It gives the concrete a red tint, helping making it visibly apparent the material has been added to the concrete mix.

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